Building a Search Experience since summer release

Hi team, since the Summer Release the previous method to build a test search experience has changed in terms of viewing the test search experience on a staging URL (which used to have a default username & password applied).

I can edit via the Code Editor just fine and commit the changes. However, when it comes to Live Preview, I see a 403 page and when I view the Staging URL in the Deploys section I see a 404.

Would it be possible for a HH to guide me through the new process to Live Preview and Preview via Staging? Many thanks, Sam

Hi Sam,

This sounds like this is a bug. Did you apply a solution template? What theme is the experience on?


Hi Melissa, thanks for the message. The good news is after waiting for 5-10mins, the Staging Preview rendering in the Deploy section is working successfully, which is great. “View Live Preview” from the Code Editor doesn’t load though. Let me take you through the process and cover the details for you:

  1. I created a new HH sansbox environment
  2. Applied the Retail solution
  3. Added a domain via SEARCH > Answers -Retail > Settings > Domain > Add Domain
  4. Code Editor: update locale_config with the new experiencekey value
  5. Made my initial Commit

The sdk version in the them is 1.14.

Do you think I need to add the same fix as this post?

Thanks for your speedy reply previously, I really appreciated it.

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Hi Sam,

All great questions! In terms of changes to the Code Editor, we moved to a new Pages system with the Summer '22 Release, which also applies to Search frontends. You can read more about the Pages deployment process in this module. Unit 1 gives an overview of how it works behind the scenes and units 3 and 4 walk through the different deployment screens you’ll see in the platform. Unit 2 does not apply to Search.

To respond to some of the differences you called out between the new and previous systems:

  • You can set a username and password for the staging URL under Site Settings. This will also apply to Preview links.
  • As you saw, when you first create your Search frontend (or apply a Solution Template to create one), you’ll need to wait for the site to deploy before you can see the experience in the staging or preview links. This applied to the old system as well and you could see progress on the Build + Publish screens. Now it’s all in one place on the Deploys screen. You’ll also have to wait for new commits to be deployed before you can see the changes on your staging and preview links.

In terms of the Live Preview not loading, yes you can apply that fix you linked. @henry_kremer is working on adding that change to the Solution Templates so it’ll be included when you apply them in the future.