CaC: Apply Endpoint (Winter '21 Release)

New Admin API endpoints allow partners to apply a solution template to a sub-account. The following two new endpoints have been added:

Resources Apply Request: Create — make a request to asynchronously apply an account template using the URL of a GitHub repository. Using the following request:


Resources Apply Request: Get Status — make a request to get status of an Account Template: Apply request. Using the following request:


For more details, visit our Admin API documentation.

Will this new endpoint allow Partners to create a custom set up for their entities and apply this across sub-accounts, both existing and new?

Are there any limitations over the items that can be contained in an account template?

Hi Laura,

Yes - Partners will be able to use this endpoint to apply Configuration-as-Code resources to both existing and new accounts! Account Templates can include any CaC resources listed in our documentation.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about the new endpoints!


Thanks Carl. In looking through the documentation I couldn’t see an option yet for using CaC for setting up notifications. Is this currently possible or planned?

Kind regards,

Hi Laura,

It isn’t currently possible to configure notifications with CaC resources but it is on our backlog and something we’re hoping to prioritize in the near future.


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