Can/How do we change the order of the facet options?

Hi! I have a client who has a facet for days of the week. It currently puts the order based on the number of entities linked to each day of the week. They want the order to show Monday-Sunday, but it currently displays with the most popular times (Ex: Wednesday being top option).

I saw this post: Can I customize the Order that Facets Appear in? - #16 by Bowen_Zhang1

Is this how we are able to make this change? I don’t completely follow the instructions for it.

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for reaching out with this interesting use case. We heard your feedback and we’re excited to let you know that ordering Facet Options is a new release item in our October Monthly release. You can find more information here.

Additionally, we will be walking through this process on office hours tomorrow so come by to see how to implement it live!

Reach out with any questions.