Client has an existing Google Sitelinks Searchbox and they do not want it to be impacted in any way by Yext Answers

Hi team,

My client is a travel agency with an existing Site Search for trips. Our Answers experience will be a second search bar on their homepage, that helps with everything else than trips (FAQs, Locations, etc…). The client wants to make sure their existing Sitelinks Searchbox isn’t impacted whatsoever when they add the Answers Search bar on their homepage, how can we help make sure this doesn’t happen and their Sitelinks stays as is.

I’m a bit worried as our documentation states the following: “If someone searches for your brand and then runs a search from within the Google SERP, it will automatically redirect to your Answers experience.”, which the client doesn’t want, they want to keep this Sitelinks focused on trips/travels, which we do not power on Answers.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Quentin,

As long as your client does not update their Sitelinks Search Box metadata, it will not link to the Answers experience! They can use the Rich Results Test to define the experience that should be attached to that searchbar.