Direct Search Bar to Vertical Search - not Universal

Hey Team,

My client has multiple search bars - and one is strictly supposed to be a doctor finder. They want to know if there is any way to update the integration so that queries run from within that search bar run directly within the Provider’s vertical.

Normally - I would just direct them to update the redirectUrl parameter in Answers init to but since they are using an iFrame the results page does not seem to respect this URL structure for vertical search.

I then tried having them append “verticalUrl=professionals” to the re-direct URL, but it does not seem to be passing the query parameter correctly.

redirectUrl: ' '

Is this possible? And if so, how should my client implement it with the iFrame integration method?

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Hey Jessie,

Yes! It is possible to make a search bar redirect directly to a specific vertical while integrating the results page using an iFrame.

To do so, you’ll have to add the verticalUrl query parameter to the redirect URL while initializing the library. So, if the vertical you wanted to redirect to was for providers, the redirectUrl would look something like [YourSearchResultsPageURL]?verticalUrl=providers.html.