Do I really get 10 points just for posting this?

I’m wondering if I actually will get 10 points for creating a new topic.


Hi Howard,

You sure do! And I get 5 points for replying :slight_smile:

You should see points from your community engagement reflected in your account the following day. We have a nightly processor that reviews all community activity and awards out points accordingly.

Keep the posts coming, maybe you’ll catch up on the leaderboard!


I get 5 points just for responding to this post as well? Yippeee! :slight_smile: @Howard_Lerman add an avatar to the community and you’ll get an additional 42 points too.


Sweet, that’s awesome!!

Yes, you do.
I will get 5 points. Telling you this because the answer must be at least 20 words long.

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How can we do that? Can you tell me?

You can update your avatar by:

  1. Clicking on the circle in the top right of your navigation in the community
  2. Clicking on your name
  3. Clicking on “Preferences”
  4. Updating your Profile Picture with a custom picture!