How to get 15 points (and more) with very little effort!

Step 1: Create a New Topic That’s 10 points. Ka-ching!

Step 2: Tag your Yext Customer Success Manager and let everyone else know how awesome they are. They should reply, nabbing you another 5 points!

For me, that’s the fabulous @Ariel_Birnberg who is always there to ensure that, as a client, my Yext experience is as good as is should be. Who is your Customer Success Manager?

Bonus Step/Extra Credit - Add a picture of a cute puppy!
Why? Your post will probably get noticed by the Yext staff–particularly the ones who are closely watching these Communities. They will share it amongst themselves and encourage everyone they know to like and reply to your post, thus netting you additional bonus points! If your image is cute enough, I would wager they would tag many, many other people in their replies causing your topic to go viral inside of Yext. You could get so many points, you won’t know what to do with them.

  • Hitchhiker Dayvv

@Dayvv_Brooks great start to your Hitchhiker training!!!

I see you climbing up the Leaderboard very quickly…

@Dayvv_Brooks you are a model Hitchhiker Community member! Thank you (and the tea cup pup) for making my day