Documentation on Setting Up API Sources

Hi Team,

Do we have any documentation on API sources for data connectors? I wasn’t able to find anything in the guides.

My client is trying to set up an API endpoint in AEM so that we can set up a data connector in KG to keep their entity data updated. They’re asking for something to send to their development team so that they can begin building this. Thank you!


Hi @Janet_Adelola .

Check out this guide!

Let us know if any questions!


@Melissa_Kaplan Thank you for getting back to me! Yes, this guide is very helpful in knowing how to set up the Data Connector in the Knowledge Graph.

But do we have anything to assist the client with setting up their API on their end? They want to make sure that whatever they set up will be aligned with our connector. If not, no worries - we might be able to work backwards from this guide!