Embedded Fields Module (KG126): Bulk Edit

How can I bulk edit to add something at the end of pre-existing description?
I have selected all entities.

Hi Abhishek,

Once you select all entities, you can press ‘Edit’, which will take you to the bulk edit screen.

Once on the screen, click into the field you would like to edit, make your addition, and then hit 'Save for ## profiles’.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @Abhishek_Pratap,

I also had troubles with adding “Visit us in [[address.city]], [[address.region]] today!” to the end of the existing description, and the only way I found was to cheat a bit and upload the existing description from the file that was provided in some module before and add the needed change to it.
So my solution was to:

  1. Clear the field of existing data
  2. Enter “Hungry for Tacos? Fan of “Chips & Guac”? Turtlehead Tacos is the destination for you. With locations globally, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most delicious, fresh tacos daily. Visit us in [[address.city]], [[address.region]] today!”
  3. Save changes

NOTE: This should NOT be the standard answer and there maybe is a error in the task description, but this will help you pass the module assessment.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Hi Andrej,

I know you completed this assessment already, but I wanted to follow up for future Hitchhikers, and provide some more context on bulk editing. The reason you had to clear out the existing data is because the descriptions were different for all the entities you selected (when this happens, you will see the < various content > indicator).

This is because you selected all entities in the account (each entity type has a different description), instead of only selecting all Restaurant entities (which have the same description).

If you click Restaurants in the left sidebar, then select all entities, you will be able to edit all Restaurant entities, which have the same description, and you can easily update the description for all the restaurants.


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Hi @Caroline_Gould,

That makes sense. :sweat_smile:

But my question then is if the description fields have different content does that mean I can’t add something on the end?


Entity 1 - Description: “Something something”

Entity 2 - Description: “Something else”

Now if I wanted to add “extra” to the end of these descriptions could I?

Correct, if you select 2 entities and the descriptions are different you cannot add something additional to the end of the description. You would either have to enter the entire description so the two entities have the same values, or you would edit the entity or entities individually.

That said (not for this challenge, but for general data changes), depending on how many entities you are managing, and what content you would like to change, there are other scalable ways to make a change like this by uploading data. For example, you could upload the descriptions with the additional text at the end to update the description for the set of entities it applied to.

And there is also exporting the existing descriptions and importing them back up with the additional data added.

Thank you for the feedback!

Best Regards,

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I’m also having problems with this module. I have completed all of the tasks and can see them when I look at the data set. When I click submit, the system shows me that none of them are completed. I’ve checked again and still the same result. It happened to me yesterday on a previous Module as well.

Hi Bill,

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing! Are you still seeing errors? Everything looks like it’s passing the rules for this challenge for your account. If not, would you mind sending a screenshot of the errors?


I started over and it worked. It might be that I’m getting logged out. I’ve left myself logged in for days. I’ll make sure that I’m logged in when I pick it up again.

Thank you for your reply.