Error Depkoying Locator in Pages Module 4 Unit 2

I am in the process of trying to complete the unit on creating and deploying a Locator using Search UI React. When I try to run ‘npm run dev’ on the terminal after taking all the steps to update my files the page generates but the locator is not included just the location pages. When i try to manually deploy in the platform I get an error stating “Plugin Generator-5qi2lwsmv4 failed validation: loading failed: The module’s source code could not be parsed: Expected ‘;’, ‘}’ or at Generator-5qi2lwsmv4:src/mod.ts:2:16 “bundlePaths”: {}, ~” and when I go to the Console Log I see an error stating: “Error: [vite]: Rollup failed to resolve import “@yext/search-headless-react” from “src/templates/locator.tsx”.”

Any idea of what’s going on? I included my GH repo here