Feedback on Answers API Docs


I have some miscellaneous feedback on the Answers API documentation.

  1. The documentation for the Vertical Search Query endpoint sometimes refers to a filters param and sometimes to filter.

  2. Some of the section headings on the same page look like they’re intended to be rendered in bold but instead are showing up as **Heading**.

  3. On the Filter Search documentation in the description of the FilterField objects I think the description of the entityTypeId property is incorrect. It says “The numeric entityTypeId for the entity type the filter belongs to.” but I think it’s actually the string api name of the entity type. For example this request doesn’t work: ex1, but this one does: ex2.


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Hi Ben,

Thanks for bringing these to our attention! I wanted to follow up and let you know that the formatting issues should be fixed, so the Markdown should now be rendering correctly.

Also, I have escalated the other two issues of inconsistent references to the filters param, and the description of the entityTypeId, and I will let you know when the fix for that has been pushed as well.