Having trouble with Customer Facing Content embeds for split hours

I can embed regular non split hours without issue but I can’t figure out the syntax for split hours…

this works for regular hours:

<span data-yext-field="hours-monday" data-yext-id="ID"></span> 

for split hours, I’ve tried

<span data-yext-field="hours-monday-openIntervals" data-yext-id="ID"></span> 
<span data-yext-field="hours-monday.openIntervals" data-yext-id="ID"></span> 


any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hi @Fernando_Blanco ,

What is the issue with how the time interval displays in the screenshot below? Both time intervals are displayed correctly, given my usage of

<span data-yext-field="hours-monday" data-yext-id="ID"></span> 

it didn’t work before. we actually have an open ticket with support so they may have added this recently! I will check in with them. thanks for looking!