How to add videos to Entities?

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How to I add videos to my entities?


You currently can’t upload a video directly to the Knowledge Graph. How I work around this is I create a custom URL field for videos and host the video on platforms such as youtube or vimeo OR I upload the Video to a file sharing platform

To add some additional detail here — both the format of your video and where you want the video to appear will dictate how you add the video to the entity.

Below is some additional information on adding videos to entities so they can appear on Listings, Pages, and Answers.

To add videos to Listings
If your video is on YouTube you can add it to the built-in Videos field in the Knowledge Graph. Adding a video to this field will enable this video to display on support publishers.

To do this, click Knowledge Graph and navigate to the entity you would like to add the video to.

You can leverage the built-in Videos field. When you click on the Select Videos link you will be prompted to enter a Youtube URL, search YouTube for the relevant video, or select from a Video Asset already stored in your account.

To add videos to Pages
If you are looking to add a video to an entity for the purpose of adding it to a Page Builder page, you can do the following:

  1. Create a Custom Field for the embed link or player link.
  2. Populate this field with the relevant URL for the video. The URL should be the embeddable URL. You can find this URL by going to share and clicking the embed option on the respective website.
  3. Then, map to this field in your Page Builder template.

To add videos to Answers
For information on adding videos to Answers cards, see this Built-in Video Card community post. This will walk you through both how to add the video to the entity, and how to use the card.

Let us know if this helps, or if you have any additional questions!