Built-in Video Card (June '21 Release)

With the release of Theme 1.22, we are excited to introduce a brand new Video Card! This new card supports embedded videos from both Youtube and Vimeo. Below is a sneak peek of the card in action!

Using the Card
After upgrading to Theme 1.22, navigate to the config.json file of your chosen vertical, and update the “cardType” to “product-prominentvideo” (or “multilang-product-prominentvideo” if multi-language site)

By default, this card is set up to support both Youtube and Vimeo links, but the process will look slightly different depending on your chosen format.

To embed a Youtube video, it is important to utilize the default Videos field to store the video link as shown below. The new card is set up to convert the URL found in the Videos field into a Youtube Embed URL, allowing it to be successfully embedded in your result card.

To embed a Vimeo video, you will create a custom, single-line text field called “Vimeo” to store the URL. This naming convention is important, as the new video card is set up to reference profile.c_vimeo for the URL.

Note: for all Vimeo videos, make sure you are using an Embed URL, which follows a different format from the default URL you see in your browser. For example, you may see a video with the following structure: A Better Way to Search (Extended) on Vimeo. Trying to embed this link will not work. The Embed URL of this same video would be: A Better Way to Search (Extended) from Yext on Vimeo. You can find this embed link by clicking “Share” on any Vimeo video, or you can simply follow the format shown here, substituting the unique ID of the particular video. Your embedded Vimeo links will look something like this:

Upgrade Implications:

  • If you’ve previously created a custom video card in the past, we recommend that you switch to the new built-in Video Card to take advantage of any future updates to the card.
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This is so exciting, thank you for sharing @Alyssa_Hubbard !!!

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Can videos be played in Answers Results Page UI?

In the images it appears that you can store multiple videos under a single entity. How does that impact results?

@Alyssa_Hubbard Can videos be embedded within a Custom Card UI? Or can you only embed videos in the card type for “multilang-product-prominentvideo”? Thanks in advance.

Hi Lenny,

Definitely! You can override that card by overriding the theme. It will create effectively a copy of the card outside of the theme and then you can edit any component within your new custom card that you want to.