Iframe of Answers result page cannot access user media


After setting voice integration, we have just found iframed result page cannot access microphone.

I believe we need to set allow=microphone into iframe.

<iframe src="https://...." allow="geolocation, microphone">

Is there any option to enable allow=microphone in result page scripts?

<div id="answers-container"></div>
<script src="https://......./iframe.js"></script>

Hi YY,

Thanks for flagging, this will be fixed in an upcoming version of the theme. In the interim, you can edit the microphone access for the iframe as follows:

  1. Jambo Commands > Override Theme and select static / js / iframe-common.js
  2. In the newly forked file, update line ~21 from
 iframe.allow = 'geolocation';


iframe.allow = 'geolocation;microphone';

We’ll update this post when the new theme is released.


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Hi YY,

We’ve added allow=microphone to the iFrame JS with our November '21 Release and Theme 1.26!

If this was the only change you made to the forked iframe-common.js file, you can upgrade your theme and delete the forked file to get the fix (this will ensure you get future theme updates to this file!). If you made other changes, you can keep your forked card with the change Rose described above.

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