Integrating with Adobe Analytics

My client would like to use their Adobe Analytics instance to track the following actions (understanding it’s duplicative of Yext Answers Analytics):

  • Search query submitted
  • Clicks on Results

They’ve given me production and staging JS snippets to place on Answers. Ideally, they’d like the search query to be passed in an eVar, and the results to be tagged with something identifiable they can grab onto.

I’m planning on sending them the staging link as soon as it’s ready so that they can identify the specific events we’ll need to expose to them. How else should I advise them? What is the additional lift on the Yext implementation side?

cc: @Ben_McGinnis @roser

For clicks, I think there are two options:

  • they should be able to target the class names. Downside is that might change.
  • Use custom attributes (where you tack on a class that won’t change, which they can reference). I think could be handled in the data transform, and passed to the template. However, this would mean it would be custom, but I think we’d want to give clients the ability to do this long term. I can write up something on how we might accomplish that, @Max_Shaw confirming that’s in-line with your thinking, too?

For search query submitted, I confess don’t know enough about adobe analytics to understand if we could pass that / how exactly it would work. Is there a similar paradigm for Pages that we could borrow from?

Makes sense on class names vs. custom attributes - once we get more information from the client, we can see which route they’d prefer.

On the search query - @Ben_McGinnis might know more about previous implementations, but it seems like (from this documentation) they might be able to use the url param to capture it.

Hi all,

Another request from a client using Adobe Analytics was to pass the query ID every time a new search is conducted. This would allow them to join data provided from Yext to their Adobe reporting.

Is this possible? I know it should be returned in the API response, so is that something we can grab and send along?