"Invalid External Business ID" Error

Hi there!

I am running into an issue getting “Invalid External Business ID” as a response to a GET request for a sandbox account. Happy to ping you the account information offline, but as it is a testing environment for a prospective client, I won’t include it in the request here. Wondering if there are some common reasons why this might occur that we can troubleshoot.



Hi Lizzie,

We’re in the process of updating our API documentation, but in the meantime the account can use {me} in place of the account ID. In the case of this request, it would look something like “https://api-sandbox.yext.com/v2/accounts/me/entities/12345?…”

This shouldn’t return an error. Let us know if that works!


That works! Thank you so much, Emily.

Has there been an update to this, so that the account id will work in all cases or is me still required?

@Hannah_Ho /me is still required yes?

The Account External ID and /me should work in all cases.

For partner accounts, you should have control over the external ID for all of your sub-accounts. For non-partner accounts, we encourage the use of /me for simplicity, but we also have a backlog item in place to make the External ID more easily accessible within the UI and API.