Knowledge Graph Module 5 Assessment - Validation for Custom Field Types

In attempting to complete the Knowledge Graph Module 5 Assessment, I am having some difficulty setting the instructed validation rule for the custom field “Restaurant Promotions” of the newly created custom field type “Promotions”.

The directions say to add a “Max 3 entries” validation rule, however, I cannot seem to add any validation rules for custom fields or field types. I can add validation rules for the sub field labels within the custom field type, but these are not inherited by the parent field type. In fact, in selecting the custom field type for the new custom field, the “field settings” options are removed from the screen entirely, and the default validation rule for field specification “List of Struct” (Item count: Any to 5000) is populated automatically. I have attached a screen shot for reference. I would include more, but I’m limited to one for now.

I’m hoping there’s something I’m missing :sweat_smile:

Hi Michael,

Looks like this is a bug and we’ve escalated it to our engineering team. I’ll follow up here when it gets resolved. In the meantime, I’ve extended your challenge expiration to the end of the month, and can extend it further if needed.

Thanks for raising the issue!

Hi Michael,

This is fixed now. You’ll be able to add a max list count under the Field Settings. Let us know if you have any other issues!

Hi Kristy— just checked out the demo instance/resubmitted— everything works perfectly, thank you!!