Knowledge Graph > Module 6 > Module Assessment > Step 2: Unable to add custom field

When attempting to add the “Promoting Events” custom field I receive the following error:

Response in console is as follows:


Error (500)

Sorry, there was an unexpected error. Return home or visit our help section.

Your error ID is fa9cffdf0d6b41259b0c304ae501b282. Please provide it when contacting us about this error.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Community!

I’m also seeing the same error when I try to do this on my end, so I have sent this over to our engineering team to take a look at. I will follow up here on this post once I get more information from them and this is resolved.

Also, thanks for including the error ID and console info!

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Hi Andrew,

Following up that this has been resolved! Once you give it another try let me know if it works, or if you run into anything else.

Thanks again for flagging this!

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I was able to successfully complete this assessment, thank you.

Of note: on my first couple attempts to create the custom field I received the same error but was unable to capture it again. Probably a caching issue on my end.