Locations Vertical Enhancements

Hi Team,

I’ve been asked by a client of mine if we’d be able to support a couple of enhancements to the map / locations verticals. Essentially they want the following:

  • The location card to highlight or be anchored to on click of a pin.
  • The location cards to reflect the visible pins on a map. So as a user zooms in only the pins visible will have a location card showing.

Both of these are possible on Consulting built locators so just wondering if Answers will soon be able to support this out the box, or if custom development work is needed. Thanks.

Hi Scott!

Today, custom development work is required to support those features. We are working on some updates to Answers locators for this release that will improve the default UX. This work includes 1) the location card highlighting when you click a pin and 2) Search this area. Look out for upcoming updates around these features in the spring!


Hi again Scott – circling back here to let you know our new Maps layout was released with Spring General Access, and includes the location card highlighting and search this area. We’d love for you to try it out with this client, let us know if you have any feedback!