Module 21 card issue

Screenshot 2023-02-01 181906

Hello all,
I’m running into an issue where the Job card and custom card aren’t being accepted no matter what I do, I’ve tried to recreate the Jambo command and give the code editor a minute to commit but it still seems to not be seeing my job and index card, it had no issue seeing the FAQ card

Hi Jose,

You’re close - there’s just a few minor things to fix.

For the Jobs custom card rule, the subtitle property uses the employment type field. You’ve entered this as c_employmentType, but you’ll actually need profile.employmentType. The profile shows where to pull the field from and you don’t need the c_ because this is not a custom field. You can see the field API name by navigating to fields list for the jobs entity type:

For the Jobs vertical rule, you’ll need to update the cardType in the jobs.json file. It’s still set to the default job-standard but you want it to be the custom card you created joboverride.

You should be able to pass the rules then. Let me know if it works or if you have any other questions!

That worked thank you