Multiple customs map pins from svg files

Hey everyone! I am working on a search experience and the client provided 3 custom svg map pins. I know we can set map pins to be different based on the custom fields but I haven’t seen any documentation on how to do it for custom svgs per field type. The results should be

if c_searchEntityType = National Bank ATM then the pin should be the pin-atm.svg
if c_searchEntityType = Exchange ATM then the pin should be the pin-exchange.svg
if c_searchEntityType = Branch then the pin should be the pin-nbc.svg

Hi Henry,

We don’t have a guide for this specific use case, but you can add it to the Ideas board under the Hitchhikers Platform & Documentation category.

The approach you could take is to combine this guide on customizing map pins with these instructions on how to use SVGs for the map pins (note this refers to the outdated vertical-map template but you’re probably using the vertical full page map template).

Let us know if this works and if you have any questions!