Not All verticals with result show up in the universal tab


I am finalizing the QA for a client that has a lot of content in the search experience. When I search for certain queries that have results for a specific vertical, I don’t get any vertical results for that vertical in the universal tab but if I move to the vertical tab, I see my set of results.

I was wondering what could cause this: why vertical results are not showing up in the universal tab even if the algorithm retrieves them in the vertical tab?



Hi Federica!

I believe the most likely culprit here is Vertical Thresholds – if you have a Vertical Threshold > 0 set on any vertical, that vertical will not appear in universal search for any query where it does not achieve a score greater than the threshold.

You can confirm if this is the case by looking at the Search Log Details page for query, where you should see the vertical with a “Below Threshold” warning. For example:

That vertical will still show results if you navigate to it, because Vertical Thresholds only affects whether the vertical appears in Universal Search.