🗓 October 13, 2020: Hitchhikers Office Hours

Add questions or topics below that you would like to have answered or discussed during this office hours session!

We’ll cover the new SDK and Theme update! Details here (click through to read more about each individual feature): JS SDK v1.6.0 and Theme v1.14 Release

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Can the first name and last name controls of ‘Send Single Invite’ review generation form have spaces? My first name is Kamaraj Mani and the last name is Natarajan.

I tried a few times with space, however, my assessment result was not successful. Then I tried only with ‘Kamaraj’ and submitted the assessment. I cleared the assessment. Just a doubt. please throw some light on it…

Hi Kamaraj,

You should be able to have spaces in the first name and last name fields of the “Send Single Invite” flow. Was the issue with the review invitation sending from the platform, or simply with the assessment registering as successful?

There is sometimes a slight delay between creating a review invitation and the invitation actually being sent by the system. It could be that the assessment was not successful until the invitation actually sent.


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Can someone upload the zoom recording for this office hours? Thanks!

Thanks everyone for attending office hours today to hear about our latest features in the SDK/Theme. Here’s a recording:

There’s a great learning opportunity in this! I was unable to see my changes in my preview - the issue was that I was using the location-standard card instead of the forked restaurant card in my config>restaurants.json file. I should have double checked that!