JS SDK v1.6.0 and Theme v1.14 Release

We are thrilled to announce our SDK v1.6.0 and our Answers Hitchhiker Theme v1.14! Together, these updates include a wide range of new and exciting features.

Here’s a high-level overview of each feature with links to the feature-specific posts:

  • Collapsible Filters: On mobile for all verticals, and on desktop for verticals with maps, you can now collapse filters at the top of the results.
  • Localized Maps: Easily change the language on the map to match your experience.
  • Self-Contained SDK Styling: All Answers styling now requires the .yxt-Answers-component class, guaranteeing it’s scoped to the Answers experience.
  • Support for distanceFromFilter: We’ve added a new field that returns a location’s distance from the currently selected filter (instead of the user’s current location).
  • Hours Formatter: Today, the hours formatter only supports the built-in hours field. Now, you can specify any hours field.
  • Answers.init now returns a Promise: The Answers init now optionally returns a promise instead of the standard callback function.
  • WCAG Updates: We’ve made several WCAG updates to the autocomplete, and the no results page links now have a default focus state.
  • Inner Scrolling for Options: Set a max height on filters to introduce scroll when lots of options appear.
  • Result Count in onUniversalSearch: You can now access the result count per vertical in the onUniversalSearch hook.
  • Polyfills No Longer Pollute Global Namespace: Previously, our polyfills had the potential to conflict with an integrator’s. This has been resolved.
  • Page Speed Improvements: You can now view key page speed information in development tools. In addition, the Map component is no longer unnecessarily loaded on mobile to improve page speed.

How do you upgrade to Answers Hitchhiker Theme v1.14?