Page Builder - Custom Sort Order within Three Column List Module

Hi Hitchhiker Team,

I am attempting to set up a three-column list to store a directory of locations on a Page Builder page, and I’m running into issues with the way that the locations are sorted within that list. Specifically, I would like locations to be sorted alphabetically by State, and then City as a second sort criterion if two entities have the same state location. However, when I set up the module, it looks like the module respects the sorting of the saved filter I’m referencing, rather than any sort of explicit sort order that I configure in the module itself. Likewise, I don’t see any way for me to update the sort order within the Yext Knowledge Graph. Do you all know of any options to help me accomplish the desired end-state here?



Hey Sunil,

This is a great idea! This is not currently possible, but you can submit this to the Ideas board for our Product Managers to take a look at.