“Price” Field Type (February '22 Release)

Users now have more freedom when creating custom price fields: we’ve created a built-in field type for the “price” field that allows for more flexibility.

Currently, there is a single built-in field in the Knowledge Graph for “price,” which is limiting to brands who may use multiple currencies. The new field type is a struct type made up of two sub-fields: a Value field for the numerical price, and a Currency field, which is a single-select option from a list of known currencies.

To learn more about field types, check out the Introduction to Fields module.

Hi there, could you confirm if the new pricing fields will be published to our listings network?

Many thanks,


Hey Laura! Just to clarify, Price is a new field type as opposed to an entirely new field. Other examples of field types are “string”, “phone number”, “URL” — it’s just the structure of whatever data a field is holding, as opposed to a field itself.

Since this is just a new field type, and not a new field, it doesn’t have any impact on publishers or our listings network.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the clarification Katja. For existing “Price” fields will these be automatically given the new Price Field Type?

Nope, this will just be available for any new field creation moving forward. Existing fields won’t be affected.