Referencing "Address" Subfields for Answers Card

Hi Hitchhikers,

I am trying to add information from the “Display Address” subfield under the “Address” section in knowledge graph for healthcare professionals to an Answers card, but am not sure how to properly reference this field. I tried “profile.address.displayAddress” to no avail. Is there a general source to find API names for builtin subfields like this?


Hi @Johnathon_Cherry the easiest place to check for API Names would probably be the API request we receive in the query (currently accessible via the inspect tool in your browser):


You can use subtitle: profile.address.extraDescription, to print the location subfield display name.

API names are also available in Account Settings and in our API documentation:



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@Sam_Torres Could you please clarify where to find the API request using the inspect tool? I am also trying to find the correct way to reference the URL subfield within the Website URL built in field (photo below). I tried profile.websiteUrl.url and profile.websiteUrl.URL but those have not worked. Thank you!

Hey Sonia,

Check out the Debugging the Backend unit section on how to look at API requests. You can either right click > Inspect > and navigate to the Network tab (you’ll have to rerun the search) or you can toggle to the API response in Test Search.

As you can see on line 13 below, Hitchhikers units use the website field to link users to the unit URLs. To reference this field in code editor, you would use