Reorder Verticals Issue with Search Merchandiser

Hey team,

I’m trying to update an Answers SERP results for the query “Events”, but am running into a couple of roadblocks.

If you visit that account’s live Answers experience on their website’s homepage, and search for “Events”, you’ll notice their “Products & solutions” vertical will populate first in the universal tab, instead of their Events vertical.

I’m trying to use the Search Merchandiser to easily boost the Events vertical for queries around Events, but have run into the two following issues:

  1. Running a search for “Events” using the Yext Search Merchandiser doesn’t reflect the same SERP compared to the client’s Answers experience on their website

  2. I’m unable to edit the order of the existing results for the query “Events” due to the following error: "Read-only is enabled due to the following: There is an issue with an active rule below

Can you help look into the above and advise next steps?

Hey Rimi,

  1. This seems to be a bug with the integration since the production link matches the Search Merchandiser. We talked offline about escalating this to our engineering team.

  2. Taking a look at your account, I see that the events vertical is surfacing first for the query “events” due to this query rule:

Navigating to the Reorder Verticals tab of Search Merchandiser shows this error:

You’re seeing this error because Search Merchandiser currently only supports the criteria search term exactly matches and actions boost/bury entities/verticals. You can read more about it in this unit. You can edit this query rule directly in the query rules UI (or JSON). If you want to be able to edit it in the Search Merchandiser, you’ll need to change this rule to meet the criteria or you can delete it and add a new rule in in the Search Merchandiser.