Reviews API call with parameter v=20170601 - how to get all reviews (from all pages) for


For reviews API calls with v parameter set to 20211011 and limit to 100 - I am able to access all the reviews (when there are more than 100 reviews in the response) by assigning the nextPageToken value from the previous call to pageToken parameter in the API call.

Initial call URL:<api_key>&v=20211011&minLastYextUpdateDate=2021-11-06&maxLastYextUpdateDate=2021-11-07&limit=100

Next Call:<api_key>&v=20211011&minLastYextUpdateDate=2021-11-06&maxLastYextUpdateDate=2021-11-07&limit=100&pageToken=<nextPageToken>

But, for the API calls with version v=20170601 I do not see the nextPageToken in response. Please help me on how to get all the reviews in this case (when the reviews are greater than 100).

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Giri,

Before the pageToken functionality was introduced, the system relied on the limit + offset parameters for pagination. In order to get the next page of results in the example you provided above, you would specify an offset=100 query parameter.

However, the offset functionality is less reliable, and the system is likely to have issues when large offsets (~10,000+) are specified. We are planning to introduce a hard limit on offset size in the future; for now, I would simply be weary of providing large offsets, and encourage you to use the pageToken functionality, rather than relying on offsets, whenever possible.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!