Search UI React module 2 cannot proceed

On the Search UI React track, module 2, unit 2, as soon as I add the StandardFacets and NumericalFacets components to the code, the app stops working.
After entering a search, if shows a blank page, and the console shows the error import_react57.useId is not a function, caused by the file node_modules\.vite\deps\@yext_search-ui-react.js so I’m not able to proceed.

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have discovered that one of the open source libraries that Search UI React depends on changed its React dependency from React 17 to React 18 in a minor release.

Since Pages is not yet compatible with React 18, this causes your project to fail. We are working to pushing a patch to Search UI React to address this. I will update you as soon as this is addressed.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.



Hi Andrea,

We just released new versions of our Search React libraries! If you run npm update, you will be updated to Search UI React 1.2.1 which addresses the issue with the facets components that you were seeing yesterday.



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That’s great, thanks Aaron!