Show all locations on page load in Page Builder locator

Is it possible for a locator page built using a Page Builder template to display all U.S.-based locations on page load? I imagine this would involve implementing a default query and adjustments to to the zoom and radius values, but I’ve been unable to find a working solution for this functionality.

@Andrew_Sanchez Is this possible today? With Studio?


@Alyssa_Hubbard While I am certainly interested in whether this is possible with Studio, this question is specific to a page that has already been built using the Page Builder template tool so ideally I’m looking for a solution (or confirmation that this isn’t possible) specific to that framework.

Hi Jacob,

I believe this is limited by Live API max radius, which is 500 miles, so if the entities are outside the radius this will likely be impossible. @Max_Davish if you have further insight into the Live API information.


Hi Andrew,

I would like to clarify whether the limitation is based on the maximum radius or on the maximum result count, which is 50.

Several clients have requested or expected us to display all location results on the initial page load. However, since we are limited to a maximum of 50 records per attempt, we can only display up to 50 records at a time.

Hi @Toshil_Tanwar ,

Per our documentation, the “limit” parameter (i.e. result count) has a max of 50, and while the “radius” parameter toggles the search radius in miles.

For Page Builder, it is not (practically) possible to provide further customization outside these parameters. A custom-built locator would be necessary, as Andrew alluded to earlier.

Hi @Luc_Yuki_Marrie
Thank you for sharing more information on this. I have checked using the GEOSearch end point with LIve API. if no “limit” parameter has been passed in API, then it seems its giving 10 result count by default.


That is correct - the default radius is 10 miles, and the default limit count is 10 as well.

Hi @Luc_Yuki_Marrie

Thank you, Just to provide a brief update on our objective, we are looking to achieve a certain goal. I have attempted to increase the number of search results beyond 50 by removing the limit parameter, which restricts the count to 10, and if I pass value more than 50 then it resulted in an error stating an invalid value. Is it possible to display all the locations or obtain more than 50 search results?

API with limit = 60

API Call without limit Param

No, it is not - the max is 50.

Hi @Luc_Yuki_Marrie
Thank you for your confirmation. Since it is requested by some of our clients, our aim is to display all default locations with markers on the map for the first page load.