Solution Template Mod 3 Final Assessment "yext/string" Error Message

I have restarted this module assessment a couple of times to see if there is a step I’ve missed along the way, but each time I get to step #13 I get the following error message:

I’ve looked through previous HH Community posts, but can’t seem to find anything with a similar issue solved. Not sure how to troubleshoot this now.

Any help is so appreciated! Thanks!

Here’s a screenshot of my eventDisclaimer.json for reference!

Hey Sydney,

We’ve recently changed our CaC syntax and the instructions are out of date. In step 8 of the challenge, you’ll want to update the typeId to “string”. If you navigate to the c_deliveryDisclaimer,json file (which we’re using as a reference point since that field was created in the UI), you’ll see the typeId is also just “string”. The Admin Console should be able to successfully apply the resources once you make that change. I’ve update the challenge instructions and it’ll take a bit to refresh.


This worked. Thank you so much!