Streams Webhook Triggered Only When an Entity is Created


Is it possible to have a Streams Webhook that only triggers when a new entity is created and subsequently added to the Streams endpoint?

For context, I’ve created a Streams Webhook that invokes a plugin to apply a particular entity template via the Knowledge API. I’d like this function to only trigger when a new entity of the type specified in my Streams endpoint is created.

The closest workaround I’ve come up with is only including the Entity ID field in the field definition of the Streams endpoint; this ensures editing any other field on an existing entity wouldn’t trigger the function. That being said, I’m curious if there is way to specify only new entities as the Streams Webhook trigger.


Hey DJ,

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to determine in Streams (and therefore in Streams Webhooks) whether a streamed record is a result of an update or a newly created record. We are thinking through the best way to address this, since we understand that especially when developing against webhooks, it’s useful to know the update type in your application logic.

If this feature is important for your use case, would you mind submitting to the Ideas Board for tracking? I can follow up there if anything changes on our side.


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Understood, thanks Jesse! I submitted an idea for this on the Ideas Board here: Indicate Whether a Streamed Record is Result of an Update or Newly Created Entity/Record