Supporting animated gif images

We know that Knowledge Graph supports GIF images, but they are converted to png before showing in pages.

So we can not map animated gif images from our knowledge graph to our pages, isn’t it?

It is possible to add an html menu with an external animated gif image, and it works, but of course this is not the best way to achieve the goal.

Is this feature foreseen for the knowledge graph?


Hi Lolo,

I am glad you were able to work out the resolve here for GIFs on Pages. If you have any other questions on GIFs, let us know!


Hi Team,

I wanted to follow up on this thread on the solution for storing GIFs in the KG. I am setting up a crawler for my client and some of the images on the page are GIFs rather than static PNGs. Currently my crawler pulls multiple images if it’s a GIF. I am currently using the PhotoGallery field which stores the image as a URL. Is there a way for the KG to support GIFs to eventually flow through to the prominent image card on the Answers experience? Thank you!