Table API Query Error - "FATAL_ERROR" and "App does not have access to this endpoint"

Hi Team,

I am working with a client on testing GET API calls, we are able to successfully make an API call using the live API query instructions

but when we follow the table format query Instructions with the same information we get a “FATAL_ERROR” and “App does not have access to this endpoint”

Can you help us figure out where we might be going wrong with the table format query?


Hi Yuliya,

It looks like this has to do with the domain you’re using to make the request. The endpoints in the Content Delivery API (fka Live API) can be accessed via From that screenshot, it looks like you’re using which contains our Management API endpoints.

That is also likely causing the access error, as the app is likely permissioned to a Content Delivery API endpoint.

Let me know if this helps! If not, I’m happy to take another look.