UK Location Entity


I am using a Hitchhikers playground, I’d like the Location Entity to be a GB location.

Our postcodes are different and obviously we don’t have states.

How do I go about this in the playground? Do I need to create custom fields?

I need to do this so I can create some Locations and push the updates via a connector (a webhook at our end) to our system.

Some of our customers already use Yext and they push data to us. The person in charge of this at our company is leaving and I need to understand and test the process.

We also have some European customers but I’ll do that later.


Hi Gary,

You can use the same built-in address fields for a GB location. In the State field you can put the Region and the Postal Code field can take the different format.


So I change the field validation?

I worked it out:

First I had to change the country from US to UK. This can be found under Additional Settings. The address input then changed to a UK format.

Additional Settings is collapsed by default.

When I went to additional settings there was no drop down available. I am trying to add a Canada location.