Uploading a custom field to the platform

I’m looking for an easy way to create a multi-option select field with ~5000 options lol. I currently have the options in a .txt file

  1. Will the platform even allow me to upload a custom field with that many options?
  2. Is there any (simple) way to upload a custom field like this? Is using the CLI the best way to go?

Hey Matt!

Great question, and that is quite a lot of options! To your questions:

  1. Knowledge Graph supports multi-option select fields with up to 1000 options, so a field with 5000 options would not be supported.

  2. If you want a more programmatic way of adding a custom field to your account, then creating a field resource with this configuration and applying it via the CLI is a good option. Another option would be to leverage our Custom Fields: Create endpoint. Either option would require you to separately format the options into a JSON format (either using Excel, a text editor, or another tool of your choice) before uploading them to Yext.