Vanity URLs for Page Builder Pages (September '21 Release)

With the September Release, you now have the ability to use the URL structure of your choice for each of your pages that are built in Yext’s Page Builder! This gives you more control and flexibility over how your URL is generated instead of needing to use an auto-generated URL. Having a custom URL structure allows you to better align your website and your brand.

Currently, our system automatically uses the Name field to construct Page Builder URLs (e.g. -[name]-#######)

With the new Vanity URLs feature, you can instead use any Knowledge Graph text field instead of the Name (e.g. -[c_customField]-#######). This is configurable from the Page Builder > Settings > Path section:

As a guardrail, if an entity does not have the path field filled out, the system will leverage the Name field instead.

An important note: Once a page set has been published, both the path setting and published page URLs cannot be updated.

To learn more about Page Builder URLs, visit the Domains & URL Structure training module.