Vertical Label not Matching Name Field

Hello, I have a client who has set up multiple Answers experiences via the UI SDK integration option. Because of this it is difficult to troubleshoot some issues as we do not have access to the page file set up.

The client needs the ability to customize the section labels for verticals. I know that the “Name” field under additional vertical settings is normally used for the section labels (from this post). When the client edits the name field, it appears correctly in the test search, but not in their live answers experience on their site. The vertical section titles on their site seem to be powered by the vertical key instead, as when they tested editing the vertical key, they were able to change the vertical section title.

I’m curious if there is a way we could advise on setting up that Name field to map to the vertical section titles.

Hi Katie,

The vertical name is not available in the API request today. It can be modified using the config object of UniversalResults, specifically config.[verticalKey].title

Let us know if that works for you!