Webhook - Listener implementation

Hi all,
Can anyone help me with a sample listener on any yext webhook endpoint and how to test with a test URL as we just started with this Set Up your Webhook | Hitchhikers but to test it I would need an endpoint which we have not build it yet and we are behind a firewall. So before going there wanted to know if there is a test endpoint listener that I can go through as a sample?

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Did you get a response for this?

Hello @Kartheek_Desineedi and @Shitanshu_Jain

Looks like it has been missed somehow due to any reason. Trying to help you with answer.

Precisely, there is not any test listener endpoint available to proceed directly, but a detailed step by step guide to get the same since each account’s activity needs to be performed and owned by the owner.

However, With purpose of testing the webhook, you only need to add one or a few entities (Location Entity type for example) in Content, and then you will be able to proceed further with setting the Webhook successfully and perform the testing activities needed to check.

Also, for your convenient the available Endpoints for webhook can be checked here on URL Content Endpoints | Hitchhikers

Hope it will help.

Thankyou Tosh_B for responding.

The challenge we are facing is not the configuration of the webhook.

The challenge is our api/webhook receiving data from Yext is behind our company firewall and the Network team needs to whitelist the IPs from where this webhook data will be received.

We were looking for IP range of the Yext servers from where these webhook events would be triggered.

Hi @Shitanshu_Jain

Got you point. Thank you for clarifying the same. The IP must be same which has been used for connectors/crawlers. You can use below mentioned ones.


for reference.

Hope it helps.

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Wonderful and thanks Tosh_B.

Just wanted to clarify, whilst testing with a dummy webhook we could see the Source IP from where these messages were originating were

Is this the another IP other than the ones you kindly mentioned above that needs whitelisting?

Yes Shitanshu,

Since these are the IP address yext connector/crawlers use to establish the connection for Pull/Push, these would be needed to get whitelist and should allow you to perform needed testing your end.

Thanks. Are these IPs subjected to change in the future and would there be any notification if it is changed in the future so we can update at our end accordingly?
cc: @Tosh_B @Shitanshu_Jain

Hello @Kartheek_Desineedi

Although it looks like no such changes should be there in near future, still in case if any action related to the same would be performed due to any reason, it can be pre-inform to the entire community and customers as a standard process, along with the needed actions to perform and avoid any issues.

Hi @Kartheek_Desineedi,

Just wanted to chime in from the Yext side. While we don’t have plans for any changes, all IP addresses the Yext platform uses are subject to change. If anything does change, we’ll be sure to make an announcement as many users are reliant on this.

Thank you @Kristy_Huang for adding such information into the same.