When I add a rich text formatter my card disappears


I am trying to add a rich text formatted to my promo cards but every time I try to do it, my card disappears and I don’t understand what’s the issue.

Here it’s my code in the card:

details: profile.body ? ANSWERS.formatRichText(profile.body, 'body', linkTarget) : null, // The text in the body of the card
      // If the card's details are longer than a certain character count, you can truncate the
      // text. A toggle will be supplied that can show or hide the truncated text.
      //showMoreDetails: {
        //showMoreLimit: 350, // Character count limit
        //showMoreText: 'Show more', // Label when toggle will show truncated text
        // showLessText: 'Show less' // Label when toggle will hide truncated text
        // },

I also added the triple brackets to the card details in the card hbs and I cannot get what’s wrong with my card.

Can you help with this?



Hi @Federica_Carrus ,

If you adjust your code as per the below, this should fix it! You need to use the type of linkTarget vs “linkTarget” in order for this to work properly.

> details: profile.body ? ANSWERS.formatRichText(profile.body, 'body', '_top') : null, // The text in the body of the card