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  • An overview of the new Search features from the Fall ‘22 Release

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New Release Features
For a full list of features, visit the Fall ‘22 Release Notes .

Query Suggestions 2.0

Query suggestions allow you to surface prompts to users as they engage with and type into the search bar. With this release we have made the following usability improvements to Query Suggestions:

Faster Indexing

  • We’ve made it much faster for new prompts to appear in your experience. Now, new prompts that are added to your search configuration will now appear on live experiences within minutes.

Saving by configuration

  • Previously, Query Suggestions were only available on the Production label of your experience. Now, suggestions are saved for every configuration version. This enables you to test changing on Staging before pushing those live to Production.

Intelligent prompt matching

  • Query Suggestions will now match on any word within the prompts. For example, typing “password” will now allow the popular query, “Reset my password?” to populate as an option for autocomplete, even though the word “password” was not the first token in the matched query. Previously, a user had to type queries exactly the same way as the prompt.

How This Impacts You

This update improves the experience for the person building the experience, and the end user — users building the experience can now test changes to Query Suggestions on Staging, and will see pushes to production happen much faster! End users will also benefit from smarter matching as they query for popular terms.

Feature Availability

These improvements have been added to the Query Suggestions engine already, so everyone should see these changes reflected in your account and on experiences today!

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Test Search Enhancements

This release we added both vertical search and facet functionality to Test Search.

Now, you can toggle between universal and vertical search to visualize the different results an end-user would see for a given query, as well as conduct searches on a specific vertical.

The addition of facets means you can view the applicable facets that would appear in a given vertical, and test the impact of selecting a facet on the search results. For example, you could click into the Product vertical tab, and select facet values for color, or price range to filter the results.

How This Impacts You

These enhancements will help save time as you build and QA Search experiences since Test Search will even more accurately mirror the complexity of a live search experience!

Feature Availability

To turn on this feature in your account, navigate to Account Settings > Account Features and select Fall ‘22: Test Search Enhancements (early access).

Additional Resources

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