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Hitchhiker (noun)
Why become a Hitchhiker?
Be your brand's hero
Be your brand's hero
Optimize your customer journey to drive an increase in clicks and customer engagement.
Elevate your career
Elevate your career
Choose tracks and modules that will increase your breadth and depth of expertise and help to advance your career.
Join a community of power users
Join a community of power users
Share best practices with your peers on community forums or at local events.
Access exclusive Yext resources
Access exclusive Yext resources
Take advantage of Hitchhiker-only webinars, office hours with the Yext experts, and more.
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What can you expect?
Library of Content
Resources & exclusive events built for power users.
Tracks & Modules
Topics range from Yext expertise, to search, to career-building skills.
Quizzes & Challenges
Test your knowledge with quizzes and in-platform challenges.
Forums and local events to ask questions and share best practices.
Badges & Ranks
Showcase your expertise with badges and ranks.
What can you learn?
Explore a sampling of the content that you can access as a Hitchhiker
Success Stories
Hear from the original Hitchhikers.
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