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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to control the email or support information in messages
  • Where this information will appear in conversations

Overview of Branding Capabilities

As part of Knowledge Assistant conversations, we may reference a few pieces of Yext specific information, like our support email address and login URL. At times, these are required due to carrier regulations so that users have a recourse in case they are confused or need additional assistance.

If you are a partner that is whitelabeling our software, or if you want your users to reach out to a separate support team with questions, like one at your brand or one of Yext’s White Glove teams, you can modify the Login URL and Support Email in Account Settings > Branding in the Knowledge Assistant section.

branding settings

Here, we’ll show you what the default value is for each setting that you can control. If you don’t make any updates, this is what your users will see. You can choose to click in and set a custom value instead, which will replace the usage of the term in any conversation like a variable.

If you are a partner account with sub-accounts, you will see an option to Apply Branding to all sub-accounts. This means that your option will apply to any sub-accounts. You can then override on the account-level if desired.

Examples of where Branding is Used

While this list is not exhaustive, here are a few examples of how the branding content is used in conversations and what it would look like with the default Yext branding vs. customized branding.

  • When a user says “help”, we can direct them to a support email.
  • When a user says “linked account”, we can direct them to a white-labeled sign-in screen

Here’s what this looks like with Yext branding:

example with yext branding

Here’s what this looks like with custom branding:

example with custom branding

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