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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to navigate around Knowledge Graph
  • Common UI elements
  • Common terms

Welcome to the Knowledge Graph

You’ve made it! The Knowledge Graph is where we store all of the entities about your brand and how they’re related. The Knowledge Graph is the core of the Yext platform and understanding how to navigate around it is critical to your success in Yext. Before we get into learning about Entity Types, Fields, Data Modeling, Updating your Data in Yext, let’s take a quick moment to make sure you know how to navigate around the Knowledge Graph.

Most Important Screens & Terms

There are a number of screens and terms that will be used throughout the Knowledge Graph. Feel free to refer back to this module if you see a term and you can’t remember what it means.

Entity Search: Entity Search is the main screen you see when you click on Knowledge Graph. It is where you can search and filter for your entities, as well as initiate important actions like uploading entities, exporting entities or assigning services. The table you see here is a common Yext table with standard options to Advanced Filter, Show X Entities, and add Additional Columns. The left-side navigation helps you to know more about the entities in your graph at a glance, while also being able to quick-filter to entities.

Entity Search All Tab

Entity Edit: Entity Edit is the screen where you can see an entity’s fields – or in the case of bulk edit, multiple entities at once. This screen is where you can edit the values for an entity’s fields, or do things like Schedule Updates or manage Multi-Language Profiles.

Entity edit

Enhanced Content Lists: Menus, Bios, Products & Services Enhanced Content Lists, or ECLs, are a way to send structured data around Menus, Products & Services, or Staff Bios to Listings (and at times, Pages). You will at times also store this data as Entities, all depending on your brand’s requirements. If we refer to ECLs, remember that they’re in the Knowledge Graph and typically used in conjunction with Listings. You can enable or disable these in the Account Features screen.

ECL tabs

Other Sub-Tabs in Knowledge Graph: There are other sub-tabs in Knowledge Graph, like Suggestions and Assets.

Other tabs

Configuration Tab: You can find any configurations settings relating to the Knowledge Graph in the Configuration sub-tab.

Configuration Sub-tab

KG Configuration Settings

During this training, you will become very familiar with these screens. Feel free to click around and explore as you see fit.

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    What is Entity Edit?

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