Ability to parse Date format in Connector

Hi Team,

We are so exciting new Crawlers and Connector functionality!
Our Japanese partner wants to parse Japanese Date format (YYYY年MM月DD日) for their event/seminar page. Can we add parse functionality for date type field in connector?

Thank you!

Hi YY,

Thanks for your question! We are coming out with new functionality in the Summer Release that will let you apply data Transforms to any data that you extract off your page. This will allow you to do things like format dates, fix capitalization, or write custom data transforms in Typescript. So while we do not have support for this yet, we will soon! Stay tuned!


Hi YY,

Just circling back here to confirm this request has been completed and is working. If you have any further requests, please post them in Ideas. As you ma know, Ideas is a new feedback platform within Hitchhikers where users can submit product ideas or feature requests.

Lastly, please note that given the new Ideas forum to share requests, we will be deprecating this category of the Community by end of the month. Let me know if you have any further questions.