Adding field values (list) of Job entity to Restaurant entity

Currently what we are trying to accomplish is as follows:
-Add items from Job entity into corresponding fields in Restaurant entity
-There are multiple Job entities per Restaurant, and they need to be added to a list
-Job entities have a validthrough field which is used to filter Jobs that are available today
-Each time the connector runs, we expect the previous entries to be removed and all available entries will be inputted one by one

Crawlers/API are ready, but I need help with the connector.
I can get all the information needed from the Job entities, but how do I:

  1. remove the previous Job entries in the Restaurant entity
  2. add current available Job entries into a list (within the Restaurant entity)

Hi Luke!

I think we need some more information on what you have setup here and how your connector is working now. (e.g., are you doing this with relationships? What data are you pulling in the connector?)

As for removing job entities - again this depends on the setup. If you are first creating a job entities connector, you could run that in comprehensive mode to the delete the entities. If the jobs are pulling through and you just want to filter to available jobs, you can do that too.

What you’re trying to achieve sounds possible, we just need some specifics on how exactly this is set up in order to give more advice. cc @Rachel_Adler