All Challenges returning 500 error

Attempting to access any assessment challenge returns a 500 error.

An error ID is provided, example I received: 9164b2cb817742f4a5bb1bf45d47503b

Either someone is actively working on my last bug or something is Real Wrong Bad.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for flagging this issue! This bug was escalated to our engineers and was impacting assessments and sandbox accounts. The platform was tested again and the assessments are working properly now. Let me know if you still see this error going forward!

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I am able to access challenges once more. Thank you.

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It’s happening again :grimacing:

Is it more helpful for me the create a new topic in these cases or bump my old one?

Hi Andrew -

The known bugs for challenge accounts were resolved when I previously responded. I tried looking at the assessments again and I haven’t been able to replicate this error. Could you send a screenshot/recording of what you’re seeing?

Hi all, I am also running into this error. Previous HH challenges were working fine in previous days, though Module 5 on “Intro to Fields - Knowledge Graph” won’t load. Error ID: 103525f9cac54c5bafcc95b96927cb1b

I’m not a Yexter, but from what I gathered this happens whenever they are deploying a new release. We just have to wait it out :person_shrugging:

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Hi @Robert_Cole - this should be working again now!

Thanks @Andrew_Barrett :+1: