Answers Advanced Module 5. Events Saved Filter & events.json sorting error

HI team,

i do believe to have added the filter correctly. The only thing differently, is that I wrote future with a lower case letter. And I cannot adjust that. See screenshot pls:

The other issue is coming up for: Update the Events config file for sorting options. Really not sure what the issue is here. Screenshot attached.

Please help :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!, Mali

Hi Mali,

Thanks for reaching out! I think your challenge account may have expired (they expire after 5 days), so you’ll have to restart the challenge. However, I’ve answered your questions below to help get you through it!

For the first part, you’re correct that the challenge is looking for “Future” with the capitalization. To save the filter, you’ll need to click “Apply Filter” first. When you click “Save Filter”, be sure to keep the box for “Update current filter” checked.

For the second part, since you’re adding the label and defaultSortLabel properties to the sorting, you’ll want to move what you have in lines 77-78 to the SortOptions object, let’s say to line 17, so that it’s on the same level as the options array.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi @Kristy_Huang Kristy,

thanks so much!
The filter worked.
However, I am still having difficulties with the update the main label task. I attached two screenshots. My account ID is: 2554857
Could you help please? Thanks a lot!

Hey Mali,

Looks like it might just be a small typo. The JSON files are case sensitive and so label in defaultSortLabel should be capitalized. Let me know if you’re still seeing issues!


OMG! This worked. Thank you so much Kristy! :slight_smile:

| Kristy_Huang
January 22 |

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Hey Mali,

Looks like it might just be a small typo. The JSON files are case sensitive and so label in defaultSortLabel should be capitalized. Let me know if you’re still seeing issues!


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